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The 10-minute Workout Is Real

Engaging your glutes, butt, and core muscles, hinge forward by sending your hips back and lowering the box straight to the ground between your knees with straight arms, keeping your head neutral and more... your eyes peering to the floor in front of you. When the box hits your knees, you'll feel a slight stretch along the back of the legs. At this point, bend at the knees and lower the box safely all the way to the ground. Take a breath, then engage the glutes by pushing through the heels to raise your body into workout routine a standing position, keeping your back straight. Repeat this move 20 times. Want a step-by-step breakdown of this move? Click here. .Butterfly Sit-Ups Don't let the bent-knee version of this workout fool you: It's not more any easier than the straight-legged version.
Full story: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/10-minute-workout-real-154200996.html

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